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Best Ways to Promote Your Music on SoundCloud


SoundCloud is a fantastic platform for artists, and you can put your music in front of many people. First, however, you need a strategy to go SoundCloud viral and catch the notice of the music industry. This strategy will also increase your SoundCloud plays, making you money along the way.


  • Make a Marketing Plan to Go SoundCloud Viral

While a marketing plan may not sound exciting, it’s the best way to ensure that you achieve your goals for SoundCloud plays. This plan is the foundation of your strategy. It starts with you analyzing the audience for your music in terms of demographics.


Once you understand who listens to your music, you can develop a plan for delivering content that inspires them to buy your tracks. Using a standard procedure for each project launch, for example, can reduce your stress and increase your SoundCloud plays.


  • Organize Your Social to Funnel SoundCloud Plays

Your social media presence is powerful, even with a few followers. By only posting links to your music on SoundCloud, you can engage more listeners and gain more plays. Every listen counts as you build a reputation, including from your family.


  • Fill Out Your Uploads to Increase Your Chances

As with many things on the web, ensuring as much information as possible on each track you upload can help you go SoundCloud viral. This process includes supplying a track name, description, waveform comments, and more for your listeners.


Along those same lines, make sure that all the fields in your profile contain some information that listeners find interesting. Combined with a donate button, you can help the people behind your SoundCloud plays support you more financially.


  • Network for SoundCloud Plays

Your SoundCloud channel does not need to hold only your music. In fact, mixing others’ music, performing collaborations, and generally interacting with the community is a great way to go SoundCloud viral. Featuring other artists also means they are more likely to feature your music.


In the same vein, you can also use music influencers to go SoundCloud viral and increase your SoundCloud plays. Influencers tend to specialize by genre, so choose ones that closely match your music for the best effect on your SoundCloud plays.


  • Use Original Art for Increased Odds of Going SoundCloud Viral

Art is often what initially catches the eye of new listeners. You want something unique for your music that matches the theme or purpose of the tracks. You can develop the art yourself or use a freelancer, but you should not simply use images from the internet.


  • Hashtag with Purpose

SoundCloud uses hashtags to determine an audience for the songs you upload. You want to hashtag each track with its specific genre and subgenre, as well as any inspirations, purposes, or moods. The algorithm can then use these hashtags to serve your music to new listeners, thus increasing your SoundCloud plays.


  • Interact with Fans Regularly

Fans and supporters are vital to going SoundCloud viral, yet many choose not to interact with them. Unfortunately, this often negatively affects the overall rankings for your tracks as people leave your community for those they can feel close to the artist in.


Interacting with your fans does not mean you need to sit on SoundCloud every day waiting for comments so you can respond quickly. Instead, add wavelength comments to your tracks, respond to fan comments once per day, and consider if you can easily show up on social media. These interactions will make your fanbase loyal, and they will take your music SoundCloud viral.

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Will I become popular if I buy plays and likes in soundcloud?

So you want to buy soundcloud plays and likes, but are not quite sure on the effects it has on your profile? 

The simple answer is - yes.

Your account will look more popular, but it is down to you to upload great music that people love! You can buy a million soundcloud plays and 10000 likes, but if your music sucks then you will not blow up.




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You are wondering to yourself "does buying soundcloud plays work?" 

It works, but only if you purchase from a reputable provider, such as followersup.

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Why should I buy soundcloud followers?

The main reason to buy followers for soundcloud is that your profile will look more popular. If people come to your profile for the first time and only see 22 followers, they are subconsciously going to determine that your music sucks.

If, on the other hand, you have a bunch of followers already, then the new listeners will more likely give your music a chance.



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Your music will seem more popular to people and they are subconsciously more likely to like it.

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Why should I buy downloads on soundcloud?

If you are thinking about a soundcloud downloads buy, then make sure downloads are enabled for your song.

Adding number of downloads will make your song appear more popular.

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Why should I buy soundcloud reposts?

The number of reposts shows how many times your song has been shared by your fans.

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