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Earn 30% commission for recommending our services


Scroll down to read the rules and the terms. If you agree with the rules, you can sign up at the bottom of the page.

Followersup Affiliate Program Rules


1) Be honest

Being dishonest with your prospects is not allowed. For example do not tell people that the likes/ followers/views etc are actively used by people. If you are not sure, then ask.


2) Use your own branding.

You are not allowed to portray yourself as followersup or use followersup in your social media account names or domain names. Your sites can not be confusingly similar to followersup.


3) Keep it spam free

Do not use mass email spam. If you like to engage in email marketing then make sure you send emails only to your fans, followers, customers etc who have knowingly opted in to receiving email from you. Do you have questions about this? Feel free to ask.


4) Do not use your affiliate link for personal purchases.

You are not eligible to purchase products for themselves or on the behalf of anybody else using their Affiliate ID. If you have a question, feel free to ask.


5) Do not engage in fraud

Any kind of fraudulent activities including, but not limited to return fraud, chargeback fraud will be not tolerated.


6) Do not violate the rules

If you are not sure if you are violating these guidelines or not you should go ahead and ask us! We are here to help you make this partnership work successfully. In case you are caught violating these guidelines it might result in the immediate termination of our affiliate relationship. This program is very closely monitored and we reserve the right to cancel commission payments and terminate the membership to the followersup affiliate program any time.



1) Payout date

Your payment is sent out monthly on the 20th day of each month for the previous month. For example, Oct 20th you will be sent your earnings from September.

2) Payout method

Payments are sent via bank transfer or PayPal

3) Minimum payout

The minimum payout is 300 USD. If you don't reach 300 USD  this month, the commissions will add up to the next month, until you reach the minimum payout.

4) Cookie duration

The cookie duration is 30 days

6) Fraudulent sales

When a sale turns out to be fraudulent then the commission will be reversed. If you have already been paid for it, the commission will be subtracted from your next month’s commissions. Your account will go under review and we will get in touch to see how this can be avoided in the future.

By signing up to the affiliate program you agree with the rules and terms.


Once you sign up, please send an e-mail to with a brief introduction of how you plan to promote followersup.


Our team will contact you and let you know if you are approved.