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Refund policy

98% of customers orders get delivered faster than stated in the service description. You place an order, we deliver. That's how more than 10 000 customers have been satisfied! If against the odds, you’re one of the lucky 2% that is having trouble, here’s some information in our refund policy on how to proceed.

The first step is to contact our support team!
Most problems can be solved with a simple email to support email – or by opening a ticket on our 24/7 livechat. Once we receive your order ID, our support team will do their best to ensure customer satisfaction. Sometimes that means issuing a refund.

Reasons you won’t receive a refund:
If your followers, likes or view count drops – we’ll refill it for free, please contact our support - (free for the period of warrenty time described under the service).

Reasons you may receive a full or partial refund:
We are unable to deliver your order because of trouble with our system.

Satisfaction Guarantee
We stand behind our services and are proud to deliver the highest quality social media marketing services for more than 100 000 customer. We can’t always offer a refund, but if within 7 days you’re unhappy with your order simply contact us – and we’ll find a way to put a smile on your face.