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Your private and personal information is protected and encrypted

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We do not need you to give us your password to deliver the service

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If you do not receive the amount you ordered you are entitled to a refund

How to buy One Million Soundcloud Plays Cheap

  • 1
    Hit the buy button
    Scroll up and hit the buy button.
  • 2
    Enter order details
    Enter your e-mail address and Soundcloud song url.
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    Complete payment
    Finish your payment via debit card, credit card or cryptocurrency
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    Watch the plays fly in
    After the payment is complete all you have to do is watch the plays roll in. Delivery time is specified on the order page.


Is my data safe?

Your privacy & discretion is 100% assured when using followersup. We use the latest SSL technology to encrypt your data and we do not store or ever have access to any of your payment information. We do not even ask for your password.

Is buying this service safe?

We use Smart Delivery Tech to grow your account risk free. In 4 years of existence, followersup has never received a complaint from any of our thousands of customers about having problems with their account.


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Do you have customer support?

Yes, you can contact our support 24/7 via live chat in the bottom right corner of the page.

Do you have a service guarantee?

If you do not get the amount you ordered, you are entitled for a refund.

How long does ordering take?

Ordering is super fast and simple. You will be done in a minute or two.