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Benefits of buying Youtube views


We help your videos get enough initial engagement to make sure Youtube shows your videos to other viewers. Youtube gives better exposure to videos that have more views, this is especially important when you have just uploaded a new video. Thanks to followersup you can buy Youtube views and get into the "popular videos" category, which may bring massive organic growth to your channel!


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Reasons to buy Youtube views

  • 1
    Boost to success
    Over 300 hours of video is uploaded on Youtube every single minute. Buying views will kickstart your growth compared to your competition.
  • 2
    100% safe
    Using followersup to boost your views is safe - we have not had 1 complaint about Youtube causing problems to our customers.
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    Increase your rankings on Youtube search
    The ranking algorithm loves 2 metrics - video views and watch time. Purchasing views from followersup can help you with both.
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    Appear on recommended videos
    By increasing your views, you will be more likely to appear in the recommended video tab and attract a lot of organic traffic.
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    Raise social proof
    People are more likely to open their minds to new info, as long as they see other people like/approve it. By increasing your views, you will seem more popular, but don't forget about likes and subscribers.

Does buying Youtube views really work?


We live in a world of social media. To this date, more than 1.9 billion people use Youtube and the numbers are growing by the day! Whether you are an vlogger, an artist or a businessperson who wants to expose his work - Youtube is the #1 place. However, there is no use of uploading cool videos that you pour your heart and soul into, if you get 236 views on your videos. When a potential fan/customer sees your video for the first time, the first thing he/she looks at is your view count. Nobody is going to take you seriously if you only have such small amounts of views on your videos.


The Bandwagon Effect

The probability of any individual adopting something increases with the proportion who have already done so. Buying Youtube views is the easiest and fastest way to build credibility on Youtube, especially when you do not have a large subscriber base already. The huge number of views signifies the account's fame. Let’s face it – very few people check the authenticity of your social media stats. An account with a big number of views on the videos catches attention of the public more and eventually lures others to follow the account also.



At the end of the day, buying views won't make you famous, and it definitely won't be your one secret to success. However, there have been many cases where buying views was proven to be directly responsible for sizeable growth to an account's Youtube subscribers amount. The most important thing to remember when buying views is to always stick with credible vendors who provide high-quality views. Followersup has been in business since 2016 and has years of experience in providing the best service for social media account growth.

If you're able to build up a large amount of views, you'll gain enough social proof to boost your credibility.

100% Money Back Guarantee


We guarantee that if you buy our YT views, your video will experience fast growth in the number of views. If you do not get the views, you will get a refund.


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Buy youtube views FAQ

Is it safe to buy Youtube views?

It is completely safe to purchase views. Youtube takes harsh measures only against users, that upload videos that does not comply with their Terms of Service (abusive, violent, harmful content, nudity etc)

Who most commonly buys Youtube views?

It might seem out of this world, but Youtubers from any kind of niche you can think of, are growing their channels by buying Youtube views regularly. 
Beginning from new Youtubers that need a starting boost, to celebrities, famous youtubers, companies that need to stay ahead of the competition.
Every kind of user can benefit from boosting their views.

How to buy youtube views?

If you are wondering how to buy views on youtube videos, then keep reading this.


Simply choose a package, enter your youtube video url and your e-mail address, make the payment and you are done!


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Why is followersup the best site to buy Youtube views?

When you are thinking about which are the best sites to buy real youtube views for your videos, then you are finally in the right place.

We have been delivering youtube views since 2016 and are the #1 provider currently.


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Is buying views on Youtube illegal?

There is nothing illegal about purchasing youtube views. You must make sure that you buy real safe youtube views, not just fast and cheap. Don't just try to buy youtube views for $1, make sure you use a solid provider.

Luckily you are on the right page. We have been providing social media services since 2016 and are the #1 provider for Youtube views.



Where to buy youtube views?

You are on the best site to buy Youtube views.


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