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How Does YouTube SEO Work?


For any content creator, one of the biggest initial hurdles to their success is getting their audience to find them. Many of us are familiar with the notion that the internet works on algorithms, individual websites like YouTube included. Though the algorithms seem impossible to beat, there are actually strategic things you can do to improve your YouTube SEO with your videos. By improving your SEO, and creating quality content, of course, you can more effectively reach your target audience on YouTube, boosting your subscriptions and engagement.


  • Thoughtful Keywords

If you are a creator on YouTube, you probably want people to watch your videos. That seems obvious, but if we were to look at something as simple as the titles of the videos we post, they commonly weren’t written with SEO in mind, which is what helps your video get views. When you are titling your YouTube videos, ensure that you are incorporating a keyword (or two) directly within your video title – just be certain the keywords don’t seem out of place. The keywords you want to include are the frequently used search terms on the platform when viewers are looking for content related to yours. Keywords aren’t only necessary in the title that will appear on YouTube – your saved video file should also include the keywords you researched. Believe it or not, YouTube’s algorithm takes into account file information, too. The more intentional your keywords, and the more places you put them, the wider your video’s reach will be.


  • Take Advantage of Tags

Beyond establishing and utilizing effective keywords in all of your videos, video tags also have a massive impact on your YouTube SEO. Tags tell the algorithm specifically what your content is, and in turn, which users on the platform would enjoy watching it. Though you can’t talk to YouTube’s algorithm, as much as we may want to sometimes, you can tell the algorithm more about your video via tags to help the video reach your target audience. With so few ways we can control the reach of our videos, don’t miss out on the SEO opportunity tags have.


  • Thumbnails Are Your First Impression

Creating a customized thumbnail for all of your videos is key to capturing a potential viewer’s attention. Your thumbnail should be of good quality and tell your viewer exactly what your video is about. When it comes to SEO, there is only so much we can control. Outside of effectively using keywords, providing valuable content in videos, and using tags, we don’t have a lot of control over the remaining variables that drive SEO – all of which relate to viewer engagement. When you get more potential viewers to click on your video because of your strong thumbnail, the clicks help build your SEO. When someone likes your video, your SEO starts to grow. Lastly, of course, when someone subscribes to you, your SEO increases. The more you can show YouTube you are creating content people enjoy watching and engaging with (keeping them on their platform), the more YouTube will push your videos out to new viewers.


It’s certainly true that after a certain point, we have no control over the YouTube algorithm. That said, there are strategic things we do that build our YouTube SEO. By using thoughtful keywords, taking advantage of tags, and making a good first impression, you can set your YouTube videos up to get you the exposure you’re looking for.

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Buy Youtube likes FAQ

How to buy likes on Youtube?

Purchasing likes couldn't be simpler, as you're on the followersup website.

Simply pick a package, enter your video url and e-mail address, complete the payment and wait for the likes to roll in.


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Is it safe to buy Youtube likes?

It is completely safe to purchase likes. Youtube takes harsh measures only against users, that upload videos that does not comply with their Terms of Service (abusive, violent, harmful content, nudity etc)

Why should I buy from followersup?

Usuall you can either buy youtube likes fast, or you can buy youtube likes cheap. Very rarely can you do both at the same time.

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