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How To Become a Twitter Influencer


Whether you are looking to grow a following to drive traffic to your website or you want to become a social media influencer, Twitter is key to creating the community you need to build your personal or business brand. That is likely a commonly known fact, with the real question being how to build an engaged following. If you want to become a Twitter influencer, follow these actionable steps, and start watching your following grow.


  • Create or Modify Your Profile with Your Audience in Mind   

The first step to building a following on Twitter is setting up your profile appropriately. You want to make sure your profile stands out in an authentic way; particularly given the multitude of potential profiles someone could stumble on. Include a high-quality profile photo, take advantage of customized color schemes, include a relevant (high-quality) header image, and add a thoughtful bio that shares a bit about the content your followers can expect. When you are adjusting your profile, you want to keep in mind that your profile is your first impression to potential Twitter followers – be sure you’re making the impression you hoped to.


  • Regularly Post Valuable Content

Of course, you need to give your target audience a reason to follow you, which requires you regularly post content your audience would find valuable. It can seem daunting to take on the responsibility of posting great content several times a day, but activity is what your followers want to see. As is always true, there is a medium ground you want to stay within in your posting frequency. Posting too frequently can actually have adverse effects. Thankfully, there are tools available to help you schedule your future posts, letting you create content as it comes to you – enabling your creativity and helping you post more content in intentional windows.

When you are posting your fantastic content, be sure to take advantage of hashtags, especially when you are still building a following. Hashtags allow new users to find your tweets, giving you more exposure than you see if you post without telling the algorithm which types of users would like your content. Applicable hashtags on all of your posts are a powerful tool in helping you to build your Twitter community.


  • Be Active with Other Accounts

Growing a following filled with people that aren’t interested in your authentic content isn’t going to give you the community you need to foster relationships and truly build a following (meaning, never purchase follows). The community you hope to build starts with you. Of course, what you post and how you present yourself on your profile both have a role to play in your pursuit to create a community, but neither of those things matter if you aren’t engaged with other Twitter accounts. That means you should be responding back to mentions, retweeting, and ultimately having conversations with your followers and potential followers. Interacting with the authentic you is what turns a Twitter user into an engaged follower and community member.


Building a following on any social media platform is difficult – it feels a bit like uncharted territory. There are aspiring creators working hard to build their platforms right now because we’ve all come to realize just how amazing social media can be for our lives, if leveraged effectively. You can be one of those aspiring creators that becomes the next Twitter influencer. You now know how to effectively set up and maintain your Twitter account… the next step is up to you.

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