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How To Beat Twitch


Now that you have established your Twitch channel, you are probably eager to start growing your following and viewer count in streams. Though some patience is going to be required, there are some fundamentals you need to be aware of to grow your Twitch following as quickly as possible.


  • Getting Viewers

The way you set up every stream is essential to getting views – particularly before you have an established following. The goal of gaining a following is always to do so as quickly as possible, but that can’t happen if your ideal audience can’t, or doesn’t know how to, find your streams. When you are getting ready to stream, be sure that you approach every step with your viewers in mind. You can’t forget that your stream is competing with countless others, so you need to do what you can to stand out for to get new viewers.


Keywords and tags are two powerful ways you can help the audience you are looking for find your stream. When you are titling your stream, look up the keywords that are most searched related to your stream, and build them directly into your title. Beyond keywords, you’ll need to stand out among the other streamers that have done their keyword research, so add an additional note to your title that shows potential viewers what value they will gain from joining your stream. Similarly, tags are another great way to help viewers find you. Tags are another searchable field in your stream, so you want your tags to give you the widest reach you can find within your target audience.


When you are first starting your Twitch channel, driving viewers to your streams is key to building your following. Once viewers can see the unique value you provide, you will organically start building the following that connects with you. Before you have that following, you should be actively marketing your Twitch streams on social media. It may be uncomfortable at first, but if you want to gain a following, you’ll have to push through the discomfort of putting yourself out there!


  • Gaining Your Following

After setting up and marketing your streams, the next step in your quest to beat Twitch requires interaction – and a lot of it. Viewers become followers to join a community, so you need to build your community and reinforce it in every stream. Actively answer your viewer’s questions in streams, address their questions, ask your viewers to questions – make your streams more exciting than simply watching someone else game.


Outside of interacting within your own streams, incorporating other streamers is another fantastic tactic to grow your following. You’ll, of course, want to join streams yourself, and interact in them, to build your own connections, but you can also invite your viewers to join in on the fun. A common way of doing that is with a “raid,” where you send your viewers to another stream with an agreed upon phrase you will all contribute to their stream. Raids are commonly done to help grow a smaller streamer’s account, but they can also be used to get the attention of a larger account who may later do the same for you. Not only do raids help expand your reach, but they are another fantastic way to reinforce the feeling of community with your followers and viewers.


With an intentional approach, you don’t have to wait a year to build your Twitch community. By setting up every stream with your target viewers in mind, self-promoting your channel, and making interaction a top priority, you can beat Twitch quicker than you thought possible.

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Buy Twitch Followers FAQ

Can you get banned for buying Twitch followers?

It is completely safe to purchase followers. If it wasn't safe, you could just order a bunch of followers to your competition and get them in trouble. Luckily it doesn't work this way. You can purchase this service and enjoy a complete peace of mind, while we deliver your package.



Who most commonly buys Twitch followers?

All sorts of people use websites to buy real Twitch followers. Anybody who wants to increase their popularity on the gaming streaming site can benefit from purchasing fans.

How to buy Twitch followers?

So you are obviously thinking: "How to purchase / can you buy followers on Twitch?"

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Is it illegal to buy followers on Twitch?

There is nothing illegal about purchasing Twitch followers. However, don't just try to buy Twitch followers cheap. Make sure you use a solid provider.

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How to get followers on Twitch?

In the long term the best way to get Twitch followers is to constantly stream new content. Don't just stream once a month. Do it daily. Make sure your content is engaging and interesting & fun for the fans to watch. 


One of the best ways to kickstart your growth is to boost your following and continue coming up with new content daily. 


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Can I pay with bitcoin or other crypto?

Yes, you can pay with bitcoin and a lot of other cryptocurrencies. Simply choose crypto, when starting to complete your purchase and you can finish they payment through our crypto payment provier


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Is it safe to buy Twitch followers and views together?

Yes. In fact purchasing a mixture of services together can help your engagement even more.


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