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How to Increase Your TikTok Audience


TikTok is huge. Worldwide downloads have exceeded 2 billion with hundreds of millions of active users per month. If you want to become popular on TikTok, you’re up against a lot of competition. But with the right tips and strategy, you can start to increase your audience.


Start Your Video by Grabbing People’s Attention


Everyone can get on the FYP page, which happens in the first hour or two after a video is posted. And your best chance to hit this page is to start your video off with something that grabs people’s attention.

One of the top videos right now is of a girl with black mascara streaming down her face listening to a breakup song.

The video is relatable to her audience, with a lot of people commenting that they’ve also been through rough breakups or been in the same situation. If she didn’t start the video with tears already rolling down her face, she probably would still be trying to go viral on TikTok.


Follow Trends to Become Popular on TikTok


Want a fast way to gain recognition and have your videos become popular? Follow trends. These trends can be:

  • Beauty hauls
  • Shein hauls
  • Dance challenges
  • Etc.

The Discover page is your best bet to find hashtags that are trending for you to add to your next video.

And you can also go on your own “For You’” page, find a video you love and put your own spin on the trend.


Speaking of Hashtags


Hashtags are a necessity on TikTok because they help people find your content even if they’ve never come across your account before. Add popular hashtags, based on your content, to your upload.

Are you in your 30s?

Try adding in the #over30 tag or something similar if you’re older.

Top-Hashtags has a running list of the most popular hashtags being used if you need help finding tags to add to your videos.


Don’t Forget About Songs


Songs and sounds trend, too. A lot of people become popular on TikTok because they pick songs that people are associating with certain types of videos. If you happen to be looking for dances or videos that you like or are trying to find inspiration from, be sure to:

  • Add the video to your favorites, or
  • Click on the sound/song to add it to your favorites

Using popular songs will give you an additional boost when trying to go viral on TikTok.


Never Ignore the Basics to Become Popular on TikTok


A lot of the basics are forgotten by people trying to go viral, but they’re the foundation of your success. These basics include:

  • Record your own audio.
  • Post often – multiple times a day.
  • Engage with others.
  • Tell a story, and get to the plot quickly.
  • Share advice, tips, videos of your dog or other pets.
  • Want comments? Leave out key details in your videos.
  • Collaborate with others to build an audience faster.
  • Cross-promote your video across your social media channels.

One final tip, and it’s an important one, is to analyze your audience and post when they’re on most often. Scheduling tools and analytics can help you get a better understanding of your audience, where they’re located and when they’re most likely to view your videos.



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Is it safe to buy TikTok Views?

It is completely safe to purchase views. If it wasn't safe, you could just order a bunch of views to your competition and get them in trouble. Luckily it doesn't work this way. You can buy this service and enjoy a complete peace of mind, while we deliver your package.



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