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How to buy TikTok Likes in 5 Easy Steps in 2021

1) Have great content


Buying extra likes is an engagement boost. No amount of likes is going to make you a TikTok superstar, if your videos suck. Focus on creating amazing content first and use the likes to boost your growth.

2) Set your account to public


The likes cannot be delivered, if your account is set to private.

3) Choose the amount


Scroll down and choose how many likes you want.

4) Enter your e-mail and video url


Get the video link from the TikTok mobile app (go to the video you want likes to, hit the “…” button, hit “Copy Link”). 

5) Make the payment


Finish the transaction and watch likes grow on your video. Packages have different delivery times to make the likes appear as naturally as possible.

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How To Increase Your TikTok Engagement Rate


TikTok is seemingly taking over the social media game, which means we need to learn how to best utilize the platform! Whether you are using TikTok for fun or for your business, if you would like to grow your network of engaged followers, it takes a strategy and intention. Follow these three fundamentals to increase your TikTok engagement rates, and over time, you’ll get to watch your views, likes, and comments climb.


Establish a Niche

Before you even start posting, it’s best to understand what type of content to post. You can certainly establish a niche later, but having one in mind will help you develop better content that keeps your followers coming back – increasing your engagement. Your niche is why your followers come to your page. They are looking for something from you, and you need to figure out what that something is. If your page is scattered across all types of niches, it becomes impossible to build the tight-knit community you need on your page for consistent engagement on your posts. The first step to increasing your TikTok engagement rates is to identify what type of content you want to provide your followers.


Add Value In Every Video

Once you understand your niche, you can start developing content! This is the fun part. Your niche is likely a something you are particularly excited about, so it can be easy for ideas to start flowing post – let that happen! Open notes on your phone or grab a piece of paper and start writing out ideas that flow to you. After you’ve done that, look at your video ideas and ask yourself how each of those videos could provide a viewer value. “What’s in it for them?” is a question you should be asking yourself with each potential post. Answering that question with your video is how you will speak to your viewers, boosting their engagement on your posts.


Post Frequently & On Schedule

Now you know the importance of establishing a niche and adding value with your content, it’s time to create a posting schedule that you hold yourself to. The more frequently you post, the more engagement you will get from your followers – and that means multiple TikToks a day for the best results. If your followers see you being active, they are more likely to be active, as well. The reality is that there are millions of other creators on TikTok. If you stop posting for a week out of nowhere, your followers are going to find the content they were hoping to consume from your page somewhere else. Stay current and present for your followers, and they will reward you with higher engagement on your posts.



Growing your TikTok engagement is simple. It isn’t easy and absolutely takes time and careful intention, but the fundamental keys to building engagement with your followers are simple: identify your niche, add value in your posts, and post frequently. If you can accomplish those three essentials, you are bound to see your TikTok engagement skyrocket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I want to buy Tik Tok likes?

Even if you have great content, people seeing your videos will subconsciously evaluate you by the amount of likes, views and followers you have. The more fans you have engaging with you, the more you will attract. Make sure to have super good content which people like and boost it with extra likes to speed up your growth.

Will purchasing likes make me TikTok famous?

Getting extra likes can help you grow faster, but remember the golden rule:

Content is king!

No matter how many likes you buy, if your videos are horrible, you will not go viral.

If your content is really good, the more likes you get initially can help your videos spread faster.


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How can I buy TikTok likes safely?

Just make sure your profile is public. Choose a package, enter your e-mail and video url, make the payment.


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Do I need to tell you guys my password to purchase likes?

Certainly not! We do not need your password. All we need is the video url and your e-mail address. 

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Do you have customer support?

You can contact our support 24/7 via live chat or e-mail us at