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Having problems with getting the attention you need on Spotify? We can help!

If you saw an artist with 5 followers and 95 plays, would you spend time listening to the songs?

Followersup spotify promotion services include plays, followers, monthly listeners and playlist plays. 


The number of Spotify plays on your songs is the first thing a potential fan looks at. You can even say, that the amount of plays indirectly represents the quality of your work. 

That's why so many artists use followersup to purchase Spotify plays, followers, playlist followers. 
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The amount of followers you have shows how many people are interested in your music. Thankfully you can use our website to purchase followers to give yourself an initial boost on your way to the top.

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Monthly Listeners

The number of Spotify monthly listeners on your spotify profile represents the number of listeners who have listened to your music within a window of 28 days.

You can raise your monthy listeners with followersup in no time.

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Playlist Plays

The playlist plays numbers shows how much love you are getting from different playlists. You can increase your playlist plays simply by placing an order with us and providing your spotify playlist URL.

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How to buy Spotify plays and followers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why followersup?

You should buy our spotify premium plays, because with 4 years of experience in the social media promotion we are the #1 website to boost your accounts on Spotify and other platforms.

When will my order be completed?

The delivery of orders starts within 12-24 hours, but the completion time depends on your order size. When you buy spotify followers, the order usually takes 1 day per 1000 followers, so if you order 10000 followers it will most likely be completed in around 10 days. 
If you buy spotify plays, the delivery speed is usually 500 plays per 1 day.

Is this really legit?

Ofcourse! We have been providing promotion services for years. If you're still hesitant, it's a good idea to try out our smaller packages. We are confident you will be happy with the results and will come back for more.

Will anybody know i bought spotify plays or followers?

Our top priority is your privacy. We ensure that nobody will know you bought spotify plays/followers from us, as long as you don't tell them.

Why should I buy spotify monthly listeners?

The monthly listeners statistic counts plays within 28 days windows. This number shows your popularity and should not be left without notice. Having a higher monthly listeners number shows that you are popular now!


Why should I buy spotify playlist plays?

Having more plays on a playlists shows that your content is being reached by lots of different people. 

Boost your profile with followersup and buy real spotify plays!


Can I buy spotify playlist followers?

Yes, you can boost your profile with playlist followers on followersup.


Can I buy spotify fans?

Yes, followersup is the best place to buy spotify followers and playlist followers.

What is the best website to buy spotify followers?

The best site to buy spotify followers is followersup. We have been providing social media + music platform growth services since 2017 and we are known as #1.


How to go viral on Spotify?

Here are 3 Simple Steps that teach you how to make your song go viral on spotify. 


1) Create amazing music. No tricks in the book work, unless you make songs that people love to listen, love to hear, love to put on repeat, love to share with their friends. You have to love making music for this to work. 


2) Once you got the first step covered, you can start adding more spice to your Spotify adventure. People unconsciously approve songs more easily, if they perceive the song to be popular already. If you have a profile with only a small amount of followers, plays, monthly listeners, playlist followers etc, then new people listening your music for the first time will unconsciously think of your song as not popular. They might think it's cool, but if it has 240 plays, then most likely they will move on. If you want to get a fast initial boost, then you can buy spotify promotion on followersup. Click here to choose your package


3) Keep making and uploading good music. Once you get the snowball rolling you will be on your way to Spotify fame in no time.

How to boost plays on spotify?

If you are wondering how to boost plays on spotify, you are at the right place. Just click here to choose your package


How to Grow Your Audience on Spotify: Tips and Tricks


Spotify is a music streaming service that has over 158 million active users. It makes it easy to discover new music, create playlists, share with friends, and more. If you are looking for tips on how to grow your audience on Spotify, then this post is for you! We will go through different tactics you need to know to help increase the number of followers and subscribers you have on Spotify.


  • Create Your Own Playlist

Creating your own playlist is a great way to grow your audience on Spotify. By creating playlists that cover various genres and moods, you can make new connections with other artists and listeners who are looking for music like yours. It's also an opportunity for others to find out about the types of music you're into, which may lead them to follow your account or playlist.


  • Submit Your Content Through The Submission Page

By submitting your content to Spotify, you can grow your audience on the platform if you get accepted and featured through the platform. It is always a good idea to submit anything new that you have created, whether it's an album or single, in order for other users to be able to create playlists and find more of what they like within their own feed.


  • Promote Yourself Through Spotify Ads

If you want to get your music known, Spotify Ads are a great way to do that. They have three different types of ads: Sponsored Listening Sessions, Home Screen Takeovers, or Audio Advertising Campaigns.


You can even choose what audience you're trying to target with your advertisement and where you want it to appear. The total cost of using Spotify ads depends on the location and length of the campaign.


  • Keep A Strong Artist Profile

Your artist profile is a place for you to share your music with the world. You can upload songs and videos, add photos of yourself or your artwork, tell people what inspires you, and talk about anything that's on your mind.

By telling potential listeners more about who they are as an artist helps them connect even more deeply with their work, which can attract a bigger audience.


  • Create Gated Content

If you're trying to make your content and music exclusive, then a gated content strategy might be the way for you. This is where listeners have to register or subscribe in order to listen.


When they do, they are able to explore more of your work or get access to something exclusive. In exchange, you'll get their e-mail, or a follow on Spotify.


  • Promote Through Your Personal Social Media

Posting your Spotify link on any of your social media accounts is a great way to advertise the content you've published and potentially increase followers. It's also a good opportunity for other artists who are in similar genres as you or make music like yours to find out about new music, which can lead them to follow back or be featured on one of their playlists.