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The 10 Best Methods to Growth-Hack Your Instagram Followers



With over 500 million users, Instagram is one of the best visual places to target your customers and build a loyal following. You can express your brand beauty and connect with users, engaging them in the customer journey and earning more leads and sales for your business.


In this post we’ll look at the 10 best ways to use this incredible social media platform to increase your followers and get more eyeballs on your business.


  • Reel Them into Your IGTV


Two huge growing areas in Instagram allowing long form content and a more captivating appeal, are the IGTV and Instagram Reels features. These areas allow you to create more engaging, long form or specific content to connect with your customers and educate, inform or promote your niche.



  • Cast a Wide Net of Micro Influencers


Connect with small micro influencers and as they grow, you’ll link into an enormous network of growing Instagram accounts. It’s getting harder to connect to the big influencers so start small and cast a wide net.


  • Authenticity Beats Perfection


Don’t create perfect content, create authentic content. Tell interesting stories you would share yourself, and express emotions, feelings and honest opinions on important matters. Help your followers with content that you believe will help them, and they’ll follow you for more.


  • Shout Out Your Insta Content


Share your Instagram content on your other social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, etc. when you have an exciting new post. The extra foot traffic will boost your engagement, followers, likes, comments and shares on Instagram.


  • Write Searchable Captions


Use long captions with multiple keyword combinations so when people search on Instagram for a topic, you’re more likely to show up. This is an incredible way to engage followers while optimizing your page for search.


  • Build a Hashtag Swipe File For Each Topic


Don’t repeat the same tags on every post or invent random hashtags on the fly. Instead, plan your hashtags in advance, based around the top 3-5 topics you post about most. Save all your top hashtags into a note file for easy access. Over time, update these hashtags as you discover new topics and trending tags.


  • Hashtag Your Insta Stories


Use one or two of the top hashtags you’re targeting in your stories. Stories are already an engaging form of content, and now you can optimize them with targeted hashtags. Use trending tags, industry relevant tags, or general tags to optimize each of your stories.


  • Steal Competitors Followers with the FLC Method


You can steal your competitors’ followers by engaging with them. First, find a competitor or similar page in your niche. Then open up their followers and head to the follower profiles.


Follow their profile, like a few photos, and comment on a photo too. This is the FLC method, Follow, Like, Comment. Do this often and more people will watch your content and follow you back for relevant, valuable content.



  • Create Highlights Out of Stories


It takes a brief moment for someone to make a first impression of your Instagram page, and one way to entice them is with the “Highlights” feature. Stories only last 24hrs, however you can save them into highlights to keep them on your page forever.


Create an Instagram ‘Highlight’ trailer that hints at your accounts themes and topics. If you’re a business channel, a highlight could be customer testimonials or behind the scenes. If you’re a travel blogger, each highlight can be a destination or set of travel hacks.



  • Consistency Across All Strategies


Staying consistent has an enormous impact on how people remember and interact with you. When you publish every week or on a regular schedule, people soon expect your posts and are more likely to follow and engage when they see you more often.

Use these ten useful tips and tricks to keep engaging with your customers on Instagram. Over time, you’ll build a loyal following, get more attention on your brand, and win more leads and customers for your business.

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Buying followers is against Instagram terms of service, but definitely not illegal. We have delivered 100k+ orders and everything has went well - we have had 0 problems with customer's accounts.

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